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The Fourth College of Clinical Medicine, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (for short “The Fourth College of Clinical Medicine”), also known as the Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (for short “The Fourth Affiliated Hospital”) is an affiliated hospital of well-known university jointly built by Zhejiang University and Yiwu government in accordance with the design standard of Grade III Level A general hospital upon approval of Health Commission of Zhejiang Province and full investment of Yiwu government. It is now under the management of Zhejiang University. The Fourth Affiliated Hospital has always adhered to the motto of Zhejiang University—seeking truth and innovation, takes “excellent scientific research, public health improvement with education and service” as its mission, hence the core value of “Truth, Innovation, Humanism and Excellence”. Meanwhile, the hospital is committed to forging a high quality medical center with distinctive cultural characteristics.

Sophisticated clinical teaching system. Over the past 4 years, the hospital has constructed a medical teaching system including college education, post-graduation education, continuing medical education, and undertakes education such as clinical theory teaching, clinical practice, clinical probation, graduation field work, postgraduate education and standardized training for resident physicians. It is the clinical teaching base of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Zhejiang University City College and Hangzhou Medical College and national collaborative base of standardized training for resident physicians.

Explore road to internationalization, strengthen teaching staff. Clinical teaching staff is the guarantee of clinical medical education. Our hospital has inherited the fine tradition of medical teaching in Zhejiang University. With training for clinical teaching staff, it has adhered to “collective preparation of instruction of Teaching & Research Office”, “demonstrative clinical teaching” and “trial lecture” to enhance teachers’ ability. We pay high attention to the international vision and teaching ability. Therefore, we’ve established teaching partnership with colleges and universities and hospitals from Canada, Japan and Taiwan. In addition, foreign experts have been engaged in clinical teaching as professor of the Fourth College of Clinical Medicine upon invitation, and give clinical teaching skill training and exchange ideas to assist the hospital in setting up internationally advanced philosophy on school management and teaching system. The hospital also actively devotes itself to the communication and cooperation with notable colleges and universities at home and abroad. Each year, there will be excellent young teachers appointed for overseas study and international exchange programs of medical students with the aim of broadening the international view of clinical teachers, and catering to international medical teaching.

Mature teaching conditions as a foundation of medical teaching. The hospital, with a teaching area of 2,500, has all sophisticated facilities necessary. The newly-built Clinical Skills Center is about 800 large, with more than 100 pieces of medical teaching and training equipment and models, including QCPR, intelligent teaching system of cardiopulmonary and abdominal examination, intelligent teaching system of ECG simulator, SimMan ALS, EPSON AR glasses, 3D printer as well as other cutting-edge simulators and instruments. The Central Lab phase I covers an area of around 700, with 5 research technology platforms and large instruments all needed, and is able to conduct foundation medicine and clinical medicine research such as cellular level, gene level and protein level. It dominates the laboratories in Yiwu and central region of Zhejiang. Moreover, our hospital possesses 1 medical library and 4 multimedia classrooms as well as demonstration classrooms for all outpatient units and inpatient wards; there’s also student dormitory supported by sports field, fitness center and café bar, creating an environment favorable for students’ study, life and recreation.

Return to medical pedagogical tradition. Undergraduate medical education is the basic task of College of Clinical Medicine. Our hospital is students-oriented, and emphasizes integrated training, integrity and innovation, pursuit of excellence, and positively discovers and trains Excellent Physicians meeting demands of modern medicine and China’s health and pharmacy cause. The clinical teaching ability is enhanced by deepening reform in education, educational concept renewal and teaching methodology, curriculum innovation and cultivation of students’ practical ability as well as CBL, medical simulation teaching, flipped classroom and Mini-CEX.

Stick to hospital-education collaboration, research-education integration, facilitate clinical medicine teaching. Since its establishment 4 years ago, the hospital has witnessed a rapid development in both discipline construction and medical service. Its key medical quality indicators are at the forefront of central Zhejiang region. The hospital meanwhile pioneered a variety of new technologies, is now undertaking most critical illnesses in this region, which has provided bountiful instructional materials for medical education. The hospital continuously strengthens medical team construction, carries out translational medicine research and medical technology development and application. At present, there are 16 key disciplines of Yiwu, 178 scientific research projects. And the hospital has participated in or presided over 9 national projects and 25 provincial and ministerial-level projects. 7 scientific achievements have won award. The key research indicators are at leading position in central Zhejiang, guaranteeing the cultivation of innovative talents in both medical treatment and research.