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Orientation for First Standardized Training of Resident Physicians in Our Hospital

I accept the lofty title of physician, engage in the sacred medical profession, and solemnly pledge my allegiance to the cause of health care……” On the morning of September 6, with the solemn oath, the Orientation for First Standardized Training of Resident Physicians in the Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine was conducted in Meeting Room 103 of the Executive Building. Medical Vice President of the Hospital XU Zhihao and Science and Education Vice President DAI Huifen were present and delivered important speech. Furthermore, heads of the Science and Education Department and Professional Base and Director of Teaching Affairs, Teaching Secretary of the Base, Clinical Teaching Backbones and the first 22 resident physicians all attended the ceremony.

Vice President DAI Huifen extended a warm welcome to the 22 young trainees. She pointed out that the Hospital has stressed coordinated development of medical treatment, teaching and research since its inauguration, focused on and integrated resources to give full play to the role of education, enriched medical instructional resources, improved teaching conditions and quality, expanded teaching staff, perfected innovative curriculum system and enhanced teaching ability. Currently, the Hospital boasts a team composed of senior clinicians, as well as Clinical Skill Practice Center, Laboratory, Library, Special Purpose Classroom and Demonstration Classroom, etc., being able to meet all demands of standardized training for resident physicians. She hoped that all trainees could cherish the study opportunity and platform now they own, make the best of hospital resources, be strict with themselves for a better result, and dedicated to be an outstanding resident physician and contribute more to the public health.

YANG Jingjuan, on behalf of all trainees of class of 2018, expressed the resolution of studying hard from teachers by observing national and hospital program arrangement and rules and regulations, and endeavor to grow into an excellent physician who contributes to the public health.

LI Bin, a core teacher from Infection Control Department, shared his experience in past clinical work and teaching with three key phrases “growing together”, “practice makes perfect and “humanistic care”. He made a determination to teach by words and deeds, benefit both teachers and students who help and learn from each other for the purpose of becoming a better physician with other resident physicians.

Then, Director of Teaching Affairs in the Internal Medicine Base XIA Shudong led other trainees solemnly read Declaration of Chinese Physicians, marking a grand opening of the first Standardized Training of Resident Physicians in our Hospital.

Vice President XU Zhihao ardently anticipated all trainees could be a guard of people’s health; a practitioner of “Truth, Innovation, Humanism and Excellence” and an erector of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine. Vice President XU added these are critical years in the development of a physician as a resident physician. All the medical skills, concepts and behavioral habits acquired during that period will be lifetime. Hope that the 22 trainees could earnestly fulfill all the subject shifts in the three-year standardized training, lay a solid foundation of medial basics, widen their knowledge on clinical medicine, make efforts to improve practical skills and abilities to be an eligible physician; meanwhile he hoped the advisors could attach more importance to instruction, provide more quality trainings, and arrange trainees as per the shift schedule so that the trainees could make study pay.

Hospital leaders highly value the admission procedures of trainees, endeavor to furnish them with one-stop registration, embracing name tag at entrance guard, meal card subsidy, overalls distribution and pay card service. All the trainees have smoothly checked in at hospital apartment upon registration. ZHANG Yongming, Director of the Science and Education Department and directors from Internal Medicine and Surgery Bases all paid a visit to the trainees at their dormitory, got to know their views on hospital logistics. On the afternoon of the date of registration, a symposium was held for all trainees who exchanged ideas with heads and/ or directors of Internal Medicine, Surgery and Gynecology and Obstetrics Bases, deepening understanding of each other. The trainees, at the same time, felt the humanistic care of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, and were able to quickly blend into the Hospital environment. In addition, the heads and directors have brought forward a higher request for the trainees’ future study.

Pre-job training will be given after the opening ceremony, covering hospital development and cultural inheritance, resident physician training policies and requirements, doctor-patient communication, pharmacy administration, fire control education, infection control education, medical record writing, core medical system, skill training and assessment (e.g. CPR) and others. Moreover, professor GENG Xiaobei, continuing education expert from Zhejiang University School of Medicine has been invited to give a lecture on the positioning and requirements of standardized training for resident physicians, deepen the trainees’ understanding on national policies and criteria for resident physicians, help them study in a more systematic and targeted way, and further develop from a medical graduate into a clinician with independent diagnosis and treatment ability. Later preeminent advisors will be arranged for each trainee, with first-class study environment and appropriate remuneration. The Hospital aims to “standardized process, homogeneous results”, and makes its best to safeguard the development of young physicians.