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  • 2020-08-14

International Institute of Health Medicine,Zhejiang University

The Fourth Affiliated Hospital, ZhejiangUniversity School of Medicine

SincerelyInvite Outstanding Management Talents Worldwide to Join

Zhejiang University (ZJU) isone of China’s top higher education institutions, and ranks among the top threeon Chinese mainland and within the top 100 in the Times Higher Education WorldReputation Rankings and QS World University Rankings. Zhejiang UniversitySchool of Medicine (ZUSM) fund in 1912, is one of China’s top higher medicaleducation institutions, as well as one of its oldest.

Zhejiang University worked incollaboration with the municipal government of Yiwu City to construct theInternational Institute of Health Medicine, Zhejiang University, The FourthAffiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZJU4H) and International College of Medicine (under construction). We aim tobuild internationalized, high-level, research-oriented institutions of highermedical education.

In order to satisfy the needs of the construction and development ofthe International Institute of Health Medicine, Zhejiang University (the Institute),we are now recruiting excellent management personnel from all over the world.The Institute and ZJU4H will provide their staff with first-class careerplatforms, best development opportunities and top salaries and benefits. We cordiallywelcome excellent management talents worldwide to join us. Let us share thegolden opportunities of development and join hands to create a bright future!

I. Requirements

1. With a strong sense of responsibility, dedication to work, asense of mission and entrepreneurial spirit;

2. With broad international vision and profound insight;

3. Aspiring to promote the development of medical education andhealth care;

4. Beingproficient in using office software of all varieties;

5. Not exceeding35 years old (the age limit may be extended appropriately for supervisorposition or those who are particularly outstanding);

6. Being professionally knowledgeable and competent for the appliedposition; those familiar with the operation mechanism of higher educationinstitutions and with related work experience are preferred;

II. Positions

Supervisors and clerks for the General Office, Human ResourcesDepartment, Finance Department, Science and Education Department, and LogisticsManagement Department.

III.Remuneration and guarantees

1. With reference to the standards of similar institutions in themarket, we offer selected candidates competitive salaries and benefits andassure them of an attractive career promotion system;

2. We offer housingallowance according to the following standard: 800,000 yuan for professors or those with a doctorate degree, 500,000yuan for associate professors and 400,000 for those with a master’s degree;

3. To those who meet the requirements for talent introduction, weoffer dedicated makeshift apartment of 90-110 square meters that is equippedwith basic living facilities and assist them in such affairs as settlement,children education and spouse employment.

4. Talents with a doctorate degree can enjoy government subsidies.

IV. Notes

We adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, competition, andselection of the best. If you are qualified applicants, please provide yourEnglish-Chinese resume (educational and work experience included) and otherrelevant proofs of your skills and competence and send your electronicmaterials to the Human Resource Department of The Fourth Affiliated HospitalZhejiang University School of Medicine (ZJU4H) at zjuhmhr@163.comwith “position applied+name” noted in both the subject column and theappendixes.

V. Contactinformation

Address: HumanResource Department of ZJU4H at No.N1, ShangchengAvenue, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China

Contact person: Mr. Lou

Tel.: 0579-89935020

Postcode: 322000

Deadline of registration: 30 August 2020

  • Principle Investigator (PI)
  • outstanding scientists with postdoctoral experience or worked (working) as an assistant professor or higher position in a well-known international university
  • 2
  • 2020-06-29

I.About the Hospital

The Fourth Affiliated Hospital ZhejiangUniversity School of Medicine (ZJU4H) is a comprehensive hospital affiliated toZhejiang University, and a provincial hospital with a combination of clinicalcare, education and scientific research. It is the main supporting institute ofThe Belt and Road International Medical College of Zhejiang University.

The hospital isclosely affiliated with Zhejiang University School of Medicine, aworld-class university, whichmakes the hospital at the forefront of medical research in China. It has beenaccredited by JCI, HIMSS EMRAM 6 and ISO15189, with 3000 beds(1000 beds in use) and 35clinical departments. The hospital was opened to the public in October 2014,and now has 1,600 employees, including 135 experts with senior professionaltitles, 2 double-employment academicians, and 46 tutors who can take master orPhD students. As the Fourth Affiliated Clinical Medical College of ZhejiangUniversity School of Medicine, it has 15 teaching and research offices, inaddition to the 35 clinical departments and 13 medical technology departments.It now has jurisdiction over two medical community hospitals, Futian and Niansanlicampus.

Adhering to the core values of"truth, innovation, humanism and excellence", ZJU4H is aimed tobecome an excellent affiliated hospital of the world-class university and aninternational medical center with outstanding specialties. By now, it hasestablished first-class characteristic departments of general surgery,obstetrics & gynecology, orthopedics, urinary surgery, cardio-thoracicsurgery, neurology and neurosurgery, cardiovascular medicine, respiratorymedicine, and hematology, as well as centers for trauma emergency, digestivedisease, tumor, brain disease, heart disease, and respiratory disease. In thepast five years, the hospital has experienced an annual growth rate of 40% inmedical business, and achieved remarkable results in discipline construction.

As a designated hospital for treatingpatients with COVID-19, ZJU4H has also made great efforts in supporting people in need, especially insharing our knowledge and experience with the healthcare workers from 11 countriesonline who are confronting this new virus for the first time as we did. Ourexperience has been summarized in FAQsabout COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment.

As the Fourth College of ClinicalMedicine of Zhejiang University, ZJU4H is also one of the best standardizedresidency trainers in Zhejiang Province, with 12 teaching sections and 4residency programs. More than 250 medical students and physicians receiveeducation and training here every year. The hospital is also funded by morethan 20 national research grants, and won 10 Zhejiang provincial medical andhealth awards, with hundreds of research articles published in the SCI-indexedjournals.

ZJU4H also supplies medical talents andtechnology to The Belt and Road International Medical College of ZhejiangUniversity. In order to support the rapid development of the hospital and theconstruction of The Belt and Road International Medical College of ZhejiangUniversity, we are recruiting research talents at home and abroad. ZhejiangUniversity and The Fourth Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School ofMedicine will provide excellent career platform, great developmentopportunities and competitive benefits and salaries for the employees. Westrongly believe that we can take the great opportunity to develop well andcreate a bright future together!

II.    Positions and remuneration

1.    Remuneration:

(1)        Salary: annual salary: 500,000RMB /year or higher, different packages for different individuals.

(2)        Staffing: canapply for being employed by Zhejiang University and Hundred Talents Programaccording to requirements; distinguished researcher or associate researcher ofZhejiang University School of Medicine; or staffing into The Fourth AffiliatedHospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine;

(3)        Supporting funds: offeringscientific research start-up funds starting from 1 million RMB, this may varyfrom different individuals;

(4)        Research conditions: canbe provided with 1-3 research assistants; research space ensured as required;

(5)        Postgraduate recruitment: canapply to be a supervisor of master or PhD students of Zhejiang University;those who meet certain requirements can recruit graduate students, the numberof which will be ensured;

(6)        Housing: those who meetthe talent Policy of Yiwu will be given a set of house with an area of morethan 110 square meters, the property right of which will be transferred to theindividual for free (the transfer tax shall be paied by the individual) afterhe/she works in Yiwu for 10 years; others will enjoy a set of transitionhousing for special talents, which will be equipped with basic livingfacilities, and enjoy a house-buying subsidy of 800,000 RMB;

(7)        Others: settling-inallowance; household registration; appropriate job for spouse; childrenenrollment in school; can apply for national and provincial talent plan dependingon individual’s achievements.

III.       Materials to be provided:

1.Detailed personal resume (continuous resume covering study and work experiencefrom the undergraduate program to the date of application, catalogue ofpublished papers and works, major teaching and research achievements,scientific research projects undertaken, patents and awards, etc.);

2.Other academic supporting materials.

IV. Declaration:

Therecruitment is based on the principles of openness, fairness, competition andmerit-based enrollment. For those who meet the requirements, an interview willbe arranged and the application materials will be kept confidential.

V. Contact: CHENXing


Tel:0579-89935012/18314910976 (WeChat ID)

Address:N1 Shangcheng Avenue, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

  • Medical talent
  • Bachelor
  • 2
  • 2019-01-10

Job Responsibilities
1、 Foreign or long-term foreign study and work experience;
2、 Master's degree or above;
3、 Experience in foreign hospitals is preferred;
4、 The treatment is negotiable.

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