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Zheng Yinfei, associate professor and mastersupervisor from College of Biomedical Engineering & Instrument Science, ZhejiangUniversity, is the listed among the first batch of “Qiushi Young Scholar” and “ZijinPlan” of Zhejiang University as well as the leader of “13th Five-Year Plan” key research and development program of Ministry of Science andTechnology, P.R.C. He also serves as Standing Member of Chinese Association ofUltrasound in Medicine and Engineering (CAUME), Standing Member of Therapeuticand Biological Effects Committee of CAUME, Standing Member of InstrumentDevelopment Committee of CAUME and Standing Member of Ultrasonic MedicineBranch of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering.

Major research direction:

(1) Transcranial ultrasound imaging;

(2) Plane wave blood flow imaging;

(3) Medical ultrasound system development;

(4) Ultrasonic pyroelectric temperaturemeasurement technology.

Projects under research:

1. Led the national key research and development program of Development of New Cranial Ultrasound BrainImaging System and Equipment

2. Participated in the national key researchand development program of Research onKey Technologies of Medicine and Health Measurement

3. Engaged in the national key research and developmentprogram (NQI) of Research on UltrasonicMedical Equipment Performance Measurement Method and Standard DeviceDevelopment

Major academic achievements:

1 special national “12th Five-Year Plan” science and technology support program (2011BA112B00), 1general program of National Natural Science Foundation of China and 2 tenmillion level ultrasonic industry transformation subjects. He won the firstprize of Hangzhou Municipal Prize for Progress in Science and Technology for Real-time Online Monitoring System forVibration and Process Parameters of Continuous Casting Mold Vibration Device,published 15 SCI research papers related to transcranial ultrasound imaging,participated in the writing of Principleand Design of Medical Ultrasonic Diagnostic Equipment, applied for 8invention patents concerning transcranial ultrasound imaging and 1international invention patent.

He successfully invented the first all-digitalportable black and white ultrasonic instrument nationwide in 2007, which waspromoted to 3 domestic enterprises. In view of its superior cost performance,three large foreign enterprises G, P and S had no choice but to give up the black and whiteultrasonic instrument market in China.