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WeiErqing, doctoral supervisor and the professor of Department of Pharmacology ofSchool of Medicine, Zhejiang University, has once acted as the managingdirector of Chinese Pharmacological Society, president of Zhejiang ProvincialPharmacological Society and drug and food evaluation expert of CFDA.

Major research direction: 

study on molecular mechanism of brain injury and therapeutic drug and focus on therelationship between inflammation-related 5-lipoxygenase and cysteinylleukotriene receptors and brain damage such as cerebral ischemia.

Academic achievements:

Professor Wei has published over 90 SCI papersin international journals and boasts 33 years of teaching experience. He mainlyteaches writing of and pharmacological and biomedical research papers inEnglish, introduction to scientific research and other courses. He has writtenand published the Guide to WritingBiomedical Research Papers in English (Ver. 1, 2000, Science Press), Guide to Writing Biomedical Research Papersin English (Ver. 2, 2006, Science Press), Pharmacological Frontiers – Signals, Protein Factors, Genes and Modern Pharmacology (1999,Science Press), Biological and Medical Research – Essential Knowledge andSkills (2001, Science Press) and Guideto ClinicalPharmacology (Ver. 1, 2001; Ver. 2, 2007, Science Press) as chief editor.