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Handbook of FAQs about COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Released by ZJU4H

Thecoronavirus epidemic is still spreading across the world. Globally, there havebeen more than 6.4 million confirmed cases, including more than 380 thousand deaths.When confirmed cases in South American countries like Brazil sees a rapidgrowth, it warns us that the epidemic is not over yet.

Sincethe outbreak of the epidemic, The Fourth Affiliated Hospital, ZhejiangUniversity School of Medicine (ZJU4H) has been part of the nationwide effort inpreventing and containing the epidemic as a designated hospital for treating COVID-19patients.

Afterfighting for nearly three months, the epidemic was currently under control inour city and in our country. Therefore, we were ready to lend our strengths topeople in need, especially in sharing our knowledge and experience with thehealthcare workers who are still confronting this virus for the first time ever.

Overthe past few months, ZJU4H brought alive the COVID-19 Consulting Platform atour International Telemedicine Center on March 13th. As of now, we have hosted11 video conferences with the healthcare staff from UAE, India, Egypt, Iran,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Iraq, Columbia, Chile, and Argentina.

Morethan 300 questions raised by our international colleagues have been answeredduring the video conferences based on our experience in preventing andcontaining the epidemic.

Accordingly,ZJU4H medical experts collected the FAQs in those video conferences and editedthem into FAQs about COVID-19 Preventionand Treatment, hoping this handbook could contribute, in whichever ways, tothe readers worldwide.

Besides,in order to make the process of prevention and containment more vivid, ZJU4Halso made a bilingual (English and Arabic) short video called Briefing on ZJU4H’s Experience on COVID-19Response, enabling viewers to understand more clearly on what and how wedid during the epidemic.

Thehandbook and the short video have been both posted online on the hospitalwebsite eng.zju4h.com. You can also download the handbook if you need.

Thevirus knows no borders. Information sharing also knows no borders. We believethat the most powerful weapon to overcome this pandemic is cooperation ratherthan isolation, and we pay our tribute to all the healthcare workers around theglobe who have devoted themselves to saving the patients despite all odds.

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