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1、Occupies an area of about 700 m2

2、11 researchers (4 professors, 7 doctors)

Basic research technology platform:

1)Cell biology technology platform: Provide a variety of primaryand passage of cell culture equipment and technical services

2) Molecular biology research platform: Provides laboratoryequipment and technical services for molecular biology at the gene and proteinlevels

3)Flow cytology laboratory: Cell cycle analysis, apoptosisanalysis and leukemia cell typing were performed using a variety of fluorescentmarkers

4)Immunohistochemical research platform: Provide technicalguidance and services of frozen section, immunohistochemistry and ELISA

5)Nematode research platform: Caenorhabditis elegans with multiple genetic modifications canprovide basic research services on neurodevelopment and metabolism of c.elegans

4、Instruments and equipment:Complete equipment for cell culture, flow cytometry,fluorescence quantitative PCR, gel electrophoresis and image analysis system,chemiluminescence imaging analysis system, low-temperature high-speedcentrifuge, fluorescence forward and inverted microscope.

5、It can carry out basic medicine and clinical medicine researchon cell level, gene level and protein level.

6、It aims at theforefront of international medical development and serves clinical, scientificresearch and teaching work with first-class consciousness, first-class goal andfirst-class standard. Relying on the scientific research platform of Zhejiang University,a multidisciplinary and open cross-technology platform will be established toprovide all-round services and strong technical support for medical researchand innovation.