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Welcome to contact us for help

Dear Friends,

As Viruses have no borders, we are willing to share China's experience in fighting against pandemic with the people all over the world.

Welcome to contact us for remote connection by vedio meeting.

If you have question about COVID-19, please leave a message for us. We will try our best to help you.

We appreciate all the hard works of medical staff all around the world, and we wish you the best of luck.

Contact:Ms.Chen Xing86-18314910976    Email: chenxing@zju.edu.cn

Experts brief introduction

Dr.CHEN Yagang

M.D  Doctoral Supervisor

Chairof Department of Infection Disease

Professorof Epidemiology



1.   Epidemiology

2.   Virus hepatitis

3.   Cirrhosis

Dr.XU Zhihao


Vicepresident of ZJU4H

Pulmonaryand Critical Care Medicine



Clinical Interests

1.   Respiratory infections              

2.   Diffused interstitial lung diseases

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