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Introduction to the Department of Hematology

The Department of GeneralSurgery is a key discipline of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital ZhejiangUniversity School of Medicine. Since the hospital was established four yearsago, the discipline has always expanding its sphere of business, covering allcommon diseases of general surgery.

The Department, followingthe concept of “patient-oriented”,has worked out three-year, five-year and ten-year disciplinary plans, and isnow promoting subspecialties. Clinical medical groups embrace thyroid gland, mammarygland, hernia, gastroenterology, liver and gall and blood vessel. In addition,general clinic and expert clinic are available all year round, supported byspecialist clinics such as thyroid gland & mammary gland, blood vessel, GEPand liver and gall. The annual average operations amount to 1,850 cases, with a yearly growth of over 20%. Operationsabove III-level account for more than 45% of the total. The discipline is ableto independently deal with regular clinical technical projects as a grade IIIhospital. Besides, class A medical histories of admitted patients, diagnosticaccordance rate of discharge and admission, incision infection rate and surgicalcomplication rate are within the scope of medical safety indexes for grade IIIhospital. Over 98% patients show their great satisfaction to the Department.While exploiting new scope of service, the Department lays emphasis onconnection to domestic and international superior resources. The discipline istechnically aided by the Department of General Surgery of the Second AffiliatedHospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine—China’s key clinicalspecialist. Referring to its management system and diagnosis & treatmentprocess, the Department is able to provide homogeneous services with respect toclinical medical ability. A long-term partnership has been created between theDepartment and the Department of General Surgery Canada University of Albertaon introducing advanced diagnosis and treatment technology and scientificeducation training system. In this way, the discipline is able to offerpatients international-standard diagnosis and treatment, and gain fruitfulresearch and education results. Furthermore, it has published 15 SCI papers, withmaximum impact factor for one paper of 11.3. Six projects have been awardedabove bureau level. And two projects received national invention patent.

The Department has awell-structured talent pool with strong competitiveness. At the same time, theDepartment is a well-equipped clinical discipline integrating medicaltreatment, education and research. There are 60 permanent medical workers, including 20 physicians, 2 chiefphysicians and 3 associate chief physicians. All the physicians have aneducational background of at least master’s degree, where: 5 of them ofdoctoral degree, 2 doctoral students, 7 overseas returnees and 1 second-leveltalent of Yiwu 133 Innovative Talents Project.

Introduction to the Department features

Characterized by “precisesurgery and minimally invasive surgical technology”clinically, the discipline has a laparoscopic surgery proportion exceeding 75%,where: laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hernia, thyroid gland operations of over 1,200 cases, advanced laparoscopic pancreatic, liver and colorectalsurgery of more than 100 cases, all obtaining approving curative effect. Meanwhile,the Department is the first in central Zhejiang to conduct transoral vestibularthyroidectomy. It leads the way in relative technology in China. As the influenceincreases, the Department has received a considerable number of admittedpatients outside Yiwu, accounting for 30% of the total admitted patients, whileforeign surgical patients exceeding 200 cases. In addition, first aid team and MDThave been set up for real-time and effective treatment of emergency andcritical diseases. The Department is also cooperating with Department of InterventionalRadiology and Department of Gastroenterology for the purpose of a integratedtreatment team of ileus, substantially improving the cure rate of ileus at perioperativeperiod.

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