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Introduction to the Department of Hematology 

The Department, originating from hematology of Zhejiang University, is strongly supported by the Department of Hematology of the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University—the champion department of Zhejiang. Meanwhile, it is among the first key medical disciplines of Yiwu 2018, center of central Zhejiang region for key hematology technology innovation team, HTCCNC member, the sole member of HTCCNC in central Zhejiang, the center of central Zhejiang region for CGL charity aid project, and the sole base in central Zhejiang for “Beauty of Life” health care project for patients with multiple myeloma. Our Department is the only institution in Yiwu to be designated by charity aid projects such as China Charity Federation, Cancer Foundation of China, Bethune Charitable Foundation, Beijing Health Alliance Charitable Foundation, Beijing Renze Foundation and China Primary Health Care Foundation. With fine academic tradition, it is a key clinical department integrating medical treatment, education and scientific research. In addition, we own first class talent pool in Zhejiang, namely 3 attending physicians, 5 resident physicians and 3 technicians. All our clinicians have master’s degree or above, embracing 1 doctor, 1 doctoral student and 2 overseas returnees. In the meantime, there’s 1 first-level talent of Yiwu 133 Innovative Talents Project (director HUANG Jian), 1 second-level talent (deputy director YE Xingnong), 1 third-level talent (physician CHEN Dan). The Department also boasts 1 member of the national standing committee, 5 members of national committee and 1 member of national youth committee. In January 2019, director HUANG Jian was rated as one of the first Excellent Hematology Physician of Zhejiang. The Department has strong technology, and is skilled at diagnosing all kinds of hematology and genetic diagnosis and treatment, including acute and chronic leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, MDS, and other hematological malignancies and thrombocytopenia, hemorrhagic diseases and anemia.

The Department of Hematology has set up clinics (Famous Doctor Clinic, Special Clinic, Expert Clinic, Specialist Clinic, Subspeciality Clinic) and ward (general hematology clinic, blood sterile laminar flow ward, VIP blood ward), with independent bone marrow aspiration room and bone marrow morphology diagnosis room.

Introduction to the Department features

Specialist Hematology Clinic is open from Monday to Sunday. Besides, there will be additional five subspeciality clinics, including hematology genetic clinic, CGL/ myeloproliterative neoplasms specialist clinic, acute leukemia/ MDS specialist clinic, multiple myeloma/ lymphoma specialist clinic and anemia specialist clinic.

With respect to medical technology, there’s independent bone marrow aspiration room, bone marrow morphology diagnosis room and blood cell separator as well as other advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Relying on FCM of Tianjin Xiehe Institute of Hematology—No. 1 of China’s hematology field, it conducts PCR, immunosolid phase electrophoresis and FISH medical facilities, introduces cutting-edge laboratory techniques such as molecular biology, cell and molecular genetics and immunology. It leads the way in accuracy rate of diagnosis in China.

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