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Introduction to the Department of Cardiovasology

The Department ofCardiovasology of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School ofMedicine is among the key clinical specialists, and is divided into 3 branches—outpatient,ward and Catheter Room. All physicians of the Department are graduates fromfamous medical universities like Zhejiang University, with master’s degree orabove, and have served or received training in affiliated hospital of ZhejiangUniversity School of Medicine for a couple of years. The Department is vigorouslysupported by technology from the Department of Cardiovasology of the FirstAffiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University. Therefore, people in central Zhejiangregion are able to have access to cutting-edge medical service at provinciallevel locally. The Cardiovasology outpatient has witnessed a steady growth ofvisits since its opening at the end of October 2014. The average monthlyoutpatient so far is estimated to be 3,500-4,000 person-times, among top threeoutpatients of Our Hospital; the Cardiovasology ward is open to the public inMarch 2015. It currently owns 44 beds. Patients discharged and admitted permonth is averagely about 240 person-times. There are presently 16 medical technicians,including 3 with senior titles, 6 with intermediate professional titles, 4 primarytitles and 3 technicians; 1 doctoral tutor and 1 master tutor.

Introduction to the Department features

Internationalsophisticated equipment possessed by Our Department comprise digitalsubtraction angiography (Philips FD20), intravascular ultrasound system (BostonScientific), cardiac three-dimensional mapping system (CARTO3), multichannelelectrophysiological system (Bard Labsystem PRO) and IABP (Arrow). Presently,the Department is engaged in a number of cardiac interventions like coronaryangiography, PTCA, coronary artery stenting, RFCA, LAAC, cardiac pacemaker implantation,ICD implantation, CRTP/D, IABP and congenital heart disease occlusion. It isone of the cardiac catheterization rooms with the widest range of interventionaltherapies in central Zhejiang and has completed interventional operation forover 4,000 cases in total.

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