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Introduction to the Department of Hematology

The Department of Hematology of the Fourth Hospital of Zhejiang Medical University is the pulse of the discipline of hematology in Zhejiang University. It is the first batch of medical key disciplines in Yiwu City in 2018. It is the only center in Zhejiang Province of Zhejiang Leukemia Science and Technology Innovation Team. It is the Chinese Hemophilia Cooperation Group (HTCCNC). The only member unit in the middle of Zhejiang. The subject is the only designated unit in the Yiwu area of the China Charity Federation, China Cancer Foundation, China Bethune Foundation, Beijing Kangmeng Foundation, Beijing Renze Foundation, China Primary Health Care Foundation and other charitable aid projects. With a good academic tradition, it is a clinical key department that integrates medical, teaching and scientific research. The discipline has a first-class talent team in the province, with one chief physician, one master student tutor at Zhejiang University, one deputy chief physician, one deputy chief technician, two attending physicians, four resident physicians, and three technicians. All clinicians have master's degree or above, including 1 doctoral degree, 1 doctoral degree, and 2 returned overseas students. One of the first-level talents of Yiwu 133 Innovative Talent Project (Director Huang Jian), one second-level talent (Deputy Director Ye Xing-ren), and one third-level talent (Mr. Chen Dan). Strong technical force, good at diagnosis and treatment of various blood diseases, including: acute and chronic leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome and other malignant blood diseases and thrombocytopenia, various coagulation diseases and various types of anemia.

The Department of Hematology mainly has outpatient clinics (including famous doctors, specialist clinics, specialist general outpatient clinics, subspecialty clinics) and wards (including general blood wards, blood sterile laminar flow wards, blood VIP wards), with independent bone marrow puncture chambers. Bone marrow morphology diagnostic room.

Introduction to the Department features

The Department of Hematology Specialist Clinic is open from Monday to Sunday. In addition, a sub-specialty clinic for four major diseases of the blood is added every week, including chronic myeloid leukemia/myeloproliferative oncology clinic, acute leukemia/MDS specialist clinic, multiple myeloma/lymphoma specialist clinic, and anemia specialist clinic.

At the medical technology level, it has advanced diagnostic equipment such as bone marrow puncture chamber, bone marrow cell morphology diagnosis room, and blood cell separator. It also relies on the flow cytometry of Tianjin Xiehe Institute of Hematology, which ranks first in the field of hematology, and advanced medical equipment such as real-time quantitative PCR, immunosolid phase electrophoresis, and FISH. Using advanced experimental techniques such as molecular biology, cell and molecular genetics, and immunology, the diagnostic accuracy rate is at the leading level in China.

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