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Introduction to the Department of Hematology

Established in strict accordance with JCI standard, the Department of Pharmacy of The Fourth Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine is featured by highly informationized process and highly automated equipment. At present, the department is home to 32 staff members, including 1 associate chief pharmacist, 12 pharmacists-in-charge and 19 pharmacists, all of whom are with bachelor degree or above. Attaching great importance to quality control, the department has made analysis on the drug-related adverse events and proposed improvement measures. Three to four quality improvement projects such as PDCA are completed every year. Meanwhile, the department also focuses on the development of scientific research, having many articles & papers published and provincial/ministerial research projects under management. 

Introduction to the Department features

(1) Equipment automation: Outpatient pharmacy is equipped with 2 ROWA Automatic Drug Dispensers imported from Germany. The devices boast high accuracy rate in dispensing (100%), greatly reducing the pharmacists’ manual workload.

(2) Outpatient drug counseling room: A counseling room is specially set up in outpatient pharmacy to provide patients with independent space for consultation and better serve them.

(3) Oral medicine sub-packaged in single dose: The inpatient pharmacy is equipped with 2 Automatic Tablet Dispensing & Packaging Systems, which allows the oral preparations for all inpatients to be individually packaged as per single dosage, safe and hygienic. Such packages are marked with complete drug information and QR code, facilitating the nurses to check and administer medicine.

(4) Informatization management: Since the establishment of the hospital, the department has been actively cooperating with the Information Department to create a complete prescription checking and dispensing system. At present, all links of medicine dispensing within the ward can be realized just by scanning the code, ensuring that the medicine could be accurately and timely dispensed.

(5) Continuous administration for chronic diseases: Adhering to the idea of “one stop, one trip, one paper”, the department, together with the Medical Department, has started a three-month continuous prescription service so that the patients can directly pay for and get the medicine after making an appointment by phone and defining the eligibility in the next month.

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