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Introduction to the Department of Hematology

The Department of Obstetricsof the Fourth Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine isfully supported by the Women’s Hospital, School of Medicine Zhejiang University(The Women’s Hospital). Our department director, head nurse and doctors andnurses are all from the Women’s Hospital and have received standardizedtraining of the Women’s Hospital, holding first-class clinical medicine conceptand clinical management experience. Meanwhile, relying on the powerfulDepartment of Surgery, Department of Internal Medicine, Adult Intensive CareUnit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a modern perinatology diagnosis &treatment and emergency team has been formed,.
  OurDepartment develops a close cooperative relationship with Department of Obstetricsof the Women’s Hospital, School of Medicine Zhejiang University, therefore activelyengaged in international communication, e.g. maintains efficient andinteractive communication with world leaders of advanced obstetrics teams.Projects comprise remote fetal monitoring, pregnancy school, free position delivery,painless delivery, doula accompany delivery, newborn touch, newborn swimming, postpartumuterine involution and pelvic floor rehabilitation, offering all-round servicefor pregnant women during pregnancy and postpartum. Our Department ispeople-oriented, with international mode and process introduced. By means of movementinstruction, free position, Lamaze Breathing, patient-friendly doula companion delivery,it is possible to substantially reduce the pain of vaginal delivery, decrease thepossibility of episiotomy and cesarean delivery,. In addition, we also offerthe service of newborn massage and swimming in order to improve the healthstatus of the newborns. meanwhile, we strictly control the indications of caesareansection, arrange caesarean section only when necessary, and react activelyaccording to protocol of DDI(decision to deliver interval). In conclusion, withthe technology, skill and rapid-response system, we are fully engaged to offer sophisticatedservices to protect both the mothers and infants.

Introduction to the Department features

The Department of Obstetrics is able to dealwith all kinds of pregnancy complications, such as pregnancy-inducedhypertension, HELLP, placenta previa, placenta implantation, FIUD, oligohydramnios,ICP, gestational diabetes mellitus, pregnancy associated with appendicitis andpregnancy complicated by internal and surgical diseases. Moreover, we havecreated standard protocols under the principle of evidence-based medicine. Dependingon the advantages of Our Hospital as a general hospital, pregnant women areable to safely go through the periods of gestation, delivery and puerperium.

Our Department ,with the well-established  technology of ultrasonograpy and fetal magneticresonance imaging, are capable of screening and diagnosing fetal malformation, decreasingthe risk of abnormal newborns, and further improving the population quality.

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