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Department: Departmentof Respiratory Medicine of The Fourth Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang UniversitySchool of Medicine

Title: ChiefPhysician, Doctoral Supervisor, Professor

Position: AcademicLeader of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of The Fourth AffiliatedHospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Specialty: Diagnosisand treatment of bronchogenic carcinoma, pulmonary vascular disease, embolismof pulmonary artery, pulmonary hypertension, chronic bronchitis, respiratoryfailure and other difficult and critical diseases.

Introduction: Shegraduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine of the former Zhejiang MedicalUniversity in 1983 and got a master's and doctoral degrees in medicine fromZhejiang University later. In 2005, she went to Loma Linda University MedicalCenter of the US for exchange and further study. She is currently the head ofthe Department of Respiratory Medicine of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital ZhejiangUniversity School of Medicine, deputy director of the Institute of RespiratoryDiseases, Zhejiang University, and the head of the respiratory specialty at theNational Drug Clinical Trial Institute.

Over the past30-odd years, she has been engaged in medical services and teaching ofbronchogenic carcinoma, pulmonary thromboembolism, pulmonary hypertension,chronic bronchitis, respiratory failure and respiratory infections. She is thefirst specialized in standardized clinical diagnosis and treatment of pulmonarythromboembolism in Zhejiang Province, established a multidisciplinary diagnosisand treatment team and treated and cured a great number of patients withpulmonary thromboembolism with difficult and critical conditions in and out ofthe province.

Academics and achievements: She has successively participated in the research onthe standardized diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary embolism, a keyscientific and technological research project in China's national "10th Five-Year Plan" and the "11th Five-Year Plan" andserves as a member of the Pulmonary Vascular Disease Group of Chinese ThoracicSociety. She is the chairman of the Zhejiang Medical Association ThoracicBranch, the head of the lung cancer group, the deputy chairman of Zhejiang AntiCancer Association Lung Cancer Branch, the deputy chairman of Zhejiang Enteraland Parenteral Nutrition Society, the editorial board member of the Chinese Journal of Emergency Medicine,the editorial board member of the Chinese edition of Chest and the associate editor of the Clinical Education of General Practice. In 2002, her Research on H-ras Gene, P16 Gene andTelomerase Activity in Exfoliated Cells of Lung Cancer Fiberoptic Bronchoscope and Research on GM-CSF and Its Beta CReceptor and Its βc Ireceptor Expression of Patients with Idiopathic AlveolarProteinosis were given a third prize of the Science and Technology ProgressAward of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, and her Research on Anticoagulant Therapy of VenousThromboembolism was given a third prize of the Science and TechnologyProgress Award of Zhejiang Province.

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