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Department: Orthopedics Dept.of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang UniversitySchool of Medicine

Title: ChiefPhysician, Doctoral Supervisor and Professor

Position: Academic Leader of Orthopedics Dept. of the FourthAffiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Specialty: Clinical diagnosis and treatment of bone and joint surgery, replacement and revisionof complex artificial joint and arthroscopic treatment of sports injury

Introduction: Graduating from Zhejiang Medical University (now knownas Zhejiang University School of Medicine) in 1983, Mr. Yan is currently the Directorof Orthopedics Dept. of the Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang UniversitySchool of Medicine and the Director of Research Institute of Orthopedics. Moreover,he is the Director of Orthopedics Dept. of the Forth Affiliated HospitalZhejiang University School of Medicine and Academic Leader of Orthopedics andJoint Surgery in Zhejiang Province, having long engaged in clinical diagnosisand treatment of and fundamental research on bone and joint surgery. Thanks to overten years of experience in artificial joint replacement surgery with nearlythree thousand surgeries performed, he boasts rich diagnosis and treatmentexperience in delicate hip replacement. Furthermore, he has been to specializedhospitals of orthopedics in the United States, Germany and other countries forfurther education and guidance, and now is the associate editor of ChineseJournal of Orthopedics, standing editorial board member of Chinese Journal ofJoint Surgery, standing executive member of editorial board of OrthopedicJournal of China, standing committee member of Orthopedic Branch of ChineseMedical Association, standing committee member of Sports Medicine Branch of ChineseMedical Association, committee member of Joint Group of Orthopedic Branch of ChineseMedical Association, Chairman of Orthopedic Branch of Zhejiang MedicalAssociation, and review expert of National Natural Science Foundation of Chinaand National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

Academics and achievements: Mr. Yan haspublished over 80papers in domestic and foreign mainstream professional journals and magazines inrecent years, including 27 SCI papersof which he is the corresponding author, with impact factor totaling over 50.He has also successively taken charge of 1 project of National Natural ScienceFoundation of China, 3 projects of Zhejiang Provincial Natural ScienceFoundation, 1 project of Key Scientific and Technological Project of ScienceTechnology Department of Zhejiang Province and participated in multipleprovincial projects as an instructor. Still, he is the winner of 1 First Prizefor Progress in Science and Technology of Health Bureau of Zhejiang Province, 2Second Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology in Zhejiang Province and 1First Prize for Progress in Science and Technology of the Department ofEducation of Zhejiang Province, and the author of 6 monographs. More than 70 masterand doctoral candidates are nurtured by him.

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