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Department: Gastroenterology Dept. of the FourthAffiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Title: Chief Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Master Supervisor

Position: AcademicLeader of the GastroenterologyDept. of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital ZhejiangUniversity School of Medicine

Specialty: Various diagnostic techniques of gastrointestinalendoscopy, treatment techniques such as hemostasis of alimentary tracthemorrhage, polypectomy, dilatation of esophagus, stent implantation, percutaneousgastrostomy, removal of foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract and ERCP.

Introduction: Mr. Xu boasts over twenty years of experience inclinical, research and teaching work of internal medicine and gastroenterology.Having been sent to Germany and Japan for further study, he obtained the Doctorof Medicine degree from Medical University ofLübeck, Germany.

Academics and achievements: Winner of 1 Second Prize for Progress in Science andTechnology in Zhejiang Province, 3 Third Prizes for Progress in Science andTechnology in Zhejiang Province, 1 First Prize for Medical Innovation inZhejiang Province and 2 Second Prizes for Outstanding Achievements of Collegesand Universities in Zhejiang Province; first-level talent for training in the “NewCentury 151 Talents Program”.

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