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Department: Departmentof Cardiovascular Medicine of The Fourth Affiliated Hospital ZhejiangUniversity School of Medicine

Title: Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor,Professor

Position: AcademicLeader of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of The Fourth AffiliatedHospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Specialty: Interventional treatment of coronary heart disease,diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of difficult and critical cardiovasculardiseases.

Introduction: Hegraduated from the Department of Medicine of Zhejiang Medical University in1982 and went to the United States for further study sponsored by thegovernment from 1986 to 1988, and is a visiting scholar at the School ofMedicine, Mercer University and the School of Medicine, Emory University. In 1989, he received a master's degreefrom Zhejiang Medical University. In 1991, he acted as an assistant professorat the School of Medicine, West Virginia University of the US. He is currentlythe head of the Heart Center of The First Affiliated Hospital ZhejiangUniversity, the head of the Department of Cardiology and head of the CardiacIntervention Center; the head of the Cardiovascular Teaching Committee ofZhejiang University School of Medicine; an Academic Leader of China's nationalclinical key specialist cardiovascular disease discipline and an Academic Leaderof the key cardiovascular discipline of Zhejiang Province; a member of theFirst Committee of the National Expert Committee on Cardiovascular Diseases; amember of the Chinese Society of Cardiology; the deputy chief of theAtherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease Group of the Chinese Society ofCardiology; a member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Society ofCardiovascular System; a member of the Standing Committee of the Cross-straitMedicine Exchange Association Society of Cardiology of the National HealthCommission; the chairman of the Cardiology Society of Zhejiang Society ofBiomedical Engineering and the vice chairman of Zhejiang Society ofCardiovascular System. He is also an editorial board member of the Chinese Journal of Cardiology, Chinese Journal of Health Management,etc.

Academicsand achievements: He is a master in the diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease andcomplicated cardiovascular diseases and a well-known expert in the field ofinterventional treatment of coronary heart disease in China. He is specialized in themechanism of coronary heart disease and research on its interventionaltreatment. Hehas presided over 3 programs sponsored by the Natural Science Foundation ofChina and many other provincial and ministerial programs. He has published morethan 150 papers in core academic journals at home and abroad and took the leadin editing the Modern Ischemic Cardiology .He has received 5 provincial prizes for scientific and technologicalachievements, including two second prizes for science and technology progressof Zhejiang Province. He has gained a fairly high academic reputation athome and abroad.

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