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Chen Kun, Dean of the Department of Epidemiology& Health Statistics, Zhejiang University, professor and doctoralsupervisor, is one of the Provincial 151 Talents level 1 personnel and has beenenjoying the special allowance from the State Council ever since 1993. ProfessorChen won the Wu Jieping Medicine Prize in 2006 and Excellence Award of ChinaEpidemiology in 2009. He currently serves as Member of National SteeringCommittee for the Teaching of Preventive Medicine in Colleges and Universities,Managing Director of Epidemiology Branch of Chinese Preventive MedicineAssociation and Vice Chairman of Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence-BasedMedicine Branch of Chinese Medical Association and assumes positions in other academicsocieties.

Major research direction:

molecular cancerepidemiology, managerial epidemiology and environmental epidemiology.

Projects under research:

1. National Program on Key Basic Research Project: Prospective Molecular Epidemiological Study of CRC Development andInvasion

2. General program of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Molecular Epidemiological Study on IncRNAMethylation and Occurrence and Development of Colorectal Adenoma and ColorectalCancer

3. Special Science and Technology Basic Work ofthe Ministry of Science and Technology SeniorCitizens Social Health Assessment Tool Parameters

Academic achievements:

Published over 200 papers,including over 80 SCI papers.

Won 1 second prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology: 2005: Basic and Clinical Application of Prevention and Treatment ofHigh Risk Population of Colorectal Cancer in China

Won 1 first prize of thePrize for Progress in Science and Technology of Ministry of Education: 2003: Comprehensive Study on the Interruptionof Precancerous Lesions of Population Colorectal Cancer and Optimization of ScreeningMethods

Won 1 third prize of the ChineseMedical Science and Technology Award: 2006:Molecular Epidemiological Study on Environmental Exposure and Metabolic EnzymeGene Polymorphisms in Colorectal Cancer

Won 1 first prize of thePrize for Progress in Science and Technology in Zhejiang Province: 2014: Study on National Digital Health KeyTechnologies and Regional Demonstration Applications and other 10+ awards.

Professor Chen is also theChief Editor of Medical Research Methods,Clinical Epidemiology, Whole Person Full Course Health Management, BasicTechniques and Methods for Public Health Service and other teachingmaterials. He has also written 9 books and participated in the editing of over10 books.