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ZJU4H sharing Chinese COVID-19 Experience with India and Abu Dhabi

ZJU4H COVID-19 Consulting Team

Recently, COVID-19 has spread across the world in an unexpected way. A total number of 161783 cases of COVID-19 patients were reported at 171 countries up until 12:20 March 20, 2020, including 173 cases in India.

As China’s situation on fighting against COVID-19 is witnessing a good trend, China is ready to share its anti-epidemic experience with countries around the globe. Being one of the designated hospitals for COVID-19 patients, The Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZJU4H) is also willing to share its unique experience with medical workers from other countries since we are of one mankind and “no man is an island entire of itself”.

This afternoon, a video conference was held connecting specialists from Yiwu and Wuhan in China and local hospitals in Delhi and Cochin in India. As India was no exception in this global infection of COVID-19 when 25 cases had been confirmed in VPS Lakeshore Hospital Cochin, doctors from Delhi and Cochin was eager to know the first-hand experience from China, especially from WUHAN. Therefore, this kind of video conference is very meaningful during this special period of time.

“Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We appreciate all the works you’ve done. And thank you so much for setting up this meeting for us today-it’s very useful”, Dr. Jasim Jalal from a local hospital in Cochin said.

“If we have any questions in the future, can I send you emails and seek for further advice? And can I have the contact information with Professor Chen in Wuhan?” Dr. Jasim Jalal added.

“Of course. You can add my Wechat. Chinese people use Wechat. It’s very convenient.” Professor Chen answered.

Prof. Chen in WUHAN answered their questions in fluent English

Just two days ago, a same video conference was also held with Lifeline Hospital, a local hospital in Abu Dhabi.

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